From Protest to Power: Greyroots Action Platform 2018

We are an organization of American elders.  As such, Greyroots Action is committed to a future for our nation that not only fights for issues of concern to older Americans, but for people of all ages.


We are in a fight for our future. At every turn, our communities are under attack by those who use hatred, fear and greed to push for a whites-only country by and for corporations and billionaires.  


In the face of these attacks, we stand together. It is not time to tinker around the edges; it is time to transform. From family farms to big cities, from coast to coast, we’re fighting for community over greed, justice over racism, and people and planet over big corporations.


In solidarity, we rise up, joining in protest and power, in tough times and in victory.  We rise up for a bold progressive vision grounded in love and unity.  We rise together.  We build our collective power together.  We will win together.


Justice for American Elders

We rise up to fight against the ageism that is inherent in American society.  We fight to dismantle the system that throws away American elders because they are deemed to be too old to be “productive resources” for the American financial system.  We fight together for issues that affect all people, from our unique position of being elders.


Racial Justice

We rise up against the racism that is embedded in every facet of our society. We fight to dismantle and remake institutions that discriminate and reinforce the white supremacy. We work for bold solutions to hold racist institutions accountable and address the real and deadly damage they do, from reparations, to access to clean air and water, to good jobs and housing, to restorative justice over criminalization, state violence and mass incarceration, to sovereignty and dignity for Native peoples and quality education for all.


Gender Justice

We rise up to tear down barriers based on sexual orientation, gender and gender identity across all aspects of social and political life. We work for bold solutions to dismantle gender-based oppression including guaranteed access to health care, equal access to economic success, strengthening and expanding civil rights and the justice system and an end to gendered violence and harassment.


Economic Systems Built for People, not Profit

We rise up against the concentration of wealth and historic income inequality. We demand an economy where all people can thrive. We fight for a fair global system that puts an end to corporate abuse of global markets and workers around the world. We build cooperative solutions and defend workers’ rights. And we fight for a financial system that places people’s needs above profit and speculation.


True Democracy

We rise up to demand democracy that truly represents the people. Too often, our voices have been denied, suppressed and silenced. Governing power belongs in the hands of the people at every level. We fight to enshrine voting rights and protections in law and in reality, reform our broken campaign finance laws and win fair redistricting.  We must make real the unfulfilled promise of our democracy.


Health Care is a Human Right

Health care is human right that must be guaranteed by our government. We rise up for health care that serves our health and community wellbeing, not the profits of drug corporations, insurance companies or Wall Street. And we demand a health care system that guarantees high quality medical, dental, and mental health care for all; at the time we need it, regardless of where we live or who we are. Profits have no place in health care.


Mass Liberation & Rebuilding Our Communities

We rise up for mass liberation, not mass incarceration, criminalization, state violence, biased policing and unjust courts. We demand an end to the criminalization of poverty, mental illness, addiction and homelessness. Together we will build truly safe communities with restorative justice, harm reduction, treatment and real investments in the communities targeted by mass incarceration and systemic racism.


True Climate Justice

We must heal the toxic damage done to low-income communities and communities of color, including on Native lands. We rise up for clean water, healthy land, an end to extraction and real response to the climate crisis.  We know that those most harmed by corporate pollution, disinvestment, colonization, structural racism and the climate crisis must be at the center of the solutions. And together we will create good union jobs and build a publically owned clean energy economy that puts people and planet first.


Housing Justice

Housing is a human right, fundamental to human dignity. We rise up for affordable, safe, sustainable housing for every person, no matter where they live or who they are. We insist that all communities--not just the wealthy few-- should have access to quality housing near good schools, jobs and culture.  We need housing for the homeless, dramatically expanded public housing, more cooperative ownership and housing for people, not bank profits. We rise up for reparations for the communities bankrupted by Wall Street speculation and shut out from generational wealth by decades of racist, government sanctioned policy.  


Dignity in Work

We rise up for access to good jobs for all, with living wages, benefits and pay equity so every person can care for themselves and their families and have a secure retirement. We demand that technology improves our lives, instead of forcing us into unstable work or unemployment. We recognize the value of all work, both in and out of the home, and demand that all jobs are safe, respected and fairly paid. We rise up for the freedom of working people to organize in unions and cooperatives and build better lives for themselves.


Respect & Sovereignty for Indigenous Nations

We honor the wisdom and resilience of Native Tribes and peoples and their critical leadership in our collective movement.  We demand that all levels of government honor treaty obligations and respect tribal sovereignty.  We will not forget the painful realities of colonization and genocide and the ongoing impact of structural racism and we will stand alongside indigenous people for  full realization of tribal sovereignty.  From environmental justice to health to economic development to state violence to voting rights, we demand that Tribal Nations and indigenous communities get the resources, investment and legal rights to ensure the protection of their treaty, legal and inherent rights to protect their land and resources, culture and sacred sites for the health and wellbeing of all.


Education Equity

We rise up for free, high-quality public education from preschool through university. We demand that in every community there are strong neighborhood public schools that meet the needs, interests, and abilities of every child – girls; rural, urban, and poor students; LGBTQ students, differently abled students, immigrant students and students of color. We believe in education that reflects our true history and prepares students to lead. We will end the criminalization of our children, fight to keep them safe in schools and push back every effort to privatize public education.


A Just Immigration System

We rise up for a country that welcomes all, including a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, their parents, TPS recipients and a safe haven for refugees and asylees. We must end the policies that rip families apart, militarize our borders, exploit the labor of workers for corporate profits and shut people out because of their race or religion. We will fight for a just immigration system that affords a full place in our society, our economy, and our democracy for everyone.